Renaissance Weekend

Renaissance Weekend
Founded in 1981, Renaissance Weekends are non-partisan, retreats created to build bridges amoung innovative leaders from diverse fields.

Upcoming Weekends

  • July 4th 2017, Park City
  • Labor Day 2017, Monterey
  • Columbus Day 2017, Boston

For 35+ years, Renaissance Weekends® — inter-generational, invitation-only retreats for preeminent authorities and emerging leaders — have celebrated both ideas and relationships: The continually revitalized "grand-daddy of ideas festivals," spawning countless friendships, ventures & initiatives.

More than a conference: Intellectual content punctuated by laughter, music, adventures & the power of personal stories. Passionate change-makers, of all ages. More light than heat: Traditional adversaries disagree without being disagreeable. Enduring, often unlikely, friendships forged.

Participants are inspiring innovators in business and finance, education, religion, law and medicine, government, the media, science and technology, sports, non-profits and the arts. Their ground-breaking, off-the-record exchanges — through lectures, seminars and discussions — build bridges across traditional divides of professions and politics, geography and generations, religions and philosophies.  As sought by founders Linda and Philip Lader, the former US Ambassador to the Court of St. James's, civility prevails; partisanship is frowned upon; commercialism, banned.

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