Renaissance Weekend

Renaissance Weekend

The Weekends

The continually revitalized "grand-daddy of ideas festivals": Inspiring innovators of all ages, with exceptionally diverse perspectives, building bridges for 35+ years.

Inter-generational thought-leaders, trend-setters & authorities

Unusually candid programs: off-the-record, provocative, fueled by the interaction of 

CEOs, venture capitalists & entrepreneurs, Nobel laureates & Pulitzer Prize-winners, artists, educators & scientists, astronauts & Olympians, judges, diplomats, social entrepreneurs & non-profit leaders, change-makers of Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Wall Street & Main Street, professors & priests, Republicans, Democrats & Independents.

All participants are heard; all opinions, welcome: Participants themselves address urgent questions of our times and essential issues of human experience. Everyone is a "speaker."

 More than a conference: the spirit of a remarkable "extended family." 

The fun is more than intellectual: Dazzling lectures & in-depth seminars are punctuated by music, sports, cultural activities & inspiring personal stories. Tough issues are tackled.

Children are challenged by scores of imaginative, counselor-led, educational programs. Teens and college students participate in all sessions and, at New Year's and Summer, tailor-made activities. 

New Year’s: By design, the largest, most program-filled. Other Weekends: Recreational settings & smaller size, more leisure for conversation, adventures, explorations and rambles. 

Invitation only: A very limited number of others expressing interest may be included, based on their potential contribution to the Weekend.



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