Renaissance Weekend

Renaissance Weekend

Illustrative Topics

Incredible mix of preeminent authorities & rising stars

National powerhouses. Tomorrow's disrupters. Incredibly well-informed fellow participants.

"A playground of ideas"

Less a conference, than "mini-university" or reunion of an extended family of highly accomplished individuals. Vibrant chatter, quiet conversations. All come-and-go as they like.

Dazzling lectures, candid discussions, in-depth seminars

Participants tailor-make personal schedules, from several plenary sessions & many simultaneous programs throughout each day. Lively discussion; decidedly relaxed tone.

Urgent issues of our times & essential questions of human experience

Business and finance, international affairs, government & politics, medicine, science & technology, religion & philosophy, energy & the environment, literature & the arts, non-profits, philanthropy & NGOs, journalism, media & entertainment, health & fitness, technology, psychology, travel, and family legacies & concerns. See Illustrative Topics below.

"Rocked my brain & lifted my soul"

Each Weekend, highlighting unique competencies of individual participants, is organized about two weeks before the Weekend, when a Tentative Program with several personalized assignments is e-mailed to participants. The final Program is only available at Registration.

Illustrative Topics include:

Medical Marvels
Managing Creativity
Tech's Brave New World
What's an Investor to Do?
Changing at the Speed of Culture
Social Entrepreneurs: Changing the World
Election '16: What Are Americans Thinking? 
Are FoMo & FoBo Paralyzing Millennials?
The Global Wealth Inequality Puzzle
The Health of Justice in America
The Revolutions Around Us
Giving with Purpose
Entertainment's New Day
The Search for Alien Planets
Spirituality for the Modern Individual
Empowering Your Rockstars & Screwballs
How Much Worse Can the Middle East Get?
The Sharing Economy & Future of Work
America's Healthcare Thermometer
Diversity Dividends & Dilemmas
What's the Impactful Life?
Combating Aging
Settling Mars
Emotional Agility
The Art of Leadership
The Age of the Genome
If Mayors Ruled the World
Discovering Your Inner Scientist
Life Lessons Superheroes Teach Us
Is Giving the Secret to Getting Ahead?
Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs
My Favorite Course at the School of Hard Knocks
How Teens' Use of Media Is Affecting Relationships
Camp Renaissance's Youth Panels:
Astronaut Fitness Challenge
Does Wisdom Outweigh Wealth or Fame?
Turning High Potential into High Performance
The Fault (& Attraction) in Our (Pop Culture) Stars
How Mom & Dad Helped &/or Wrecked Our Futures
What Every Dog Should Know about Quantum Physics
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