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"I had my thinking challenged and met my most interesting friends at Renaissance Weekend."   

Renaissance Weekend . . .

Transforming ideas and relationships. Incredible mix of preeminent leaders, passionate change-makers and rising stars of all ages. More than a conference: invitation-only, off-the-record. Non-partisan: All participants heard, all opinions welcome. More light than heat.

Extraordinary people inspire … and are inspired.

Girl at Podium
Andrew N
L Dyson
Jenny Lee
Hillary C
What else do participants say?
"Much more than a conference"
"Rocked my brain, lifted my soul"
"Island of sane discourse for all our country"
"Amazing: People disagree without being disagreeable"
"Enduring, & the most unlikely, relationships forged"
"An incredible mix of preeminent leaders and rising stars"
"The spirit of an ‘extended family’"

Upcoming Weekends

July 4th 2022 Banff

Snow-capped Rockies, vast forests, rushing rivers & emerald lakes: an Alpine wonderland. Rimrock Resort & Spa’s breathtaking vistas, hiking & riding trails, rafting, canoeing, galleries, tea-houses and golf are one hour’s scenic drive from Calgary and its legendary Stampede rodeo-festival.

Labor Day 2022 Monterey

“Steinbeck country.” Iconic California experiences. Dramatic coastal views. Sounds of crashing surf & sea otters. Ocean kayaking, whale-watching, exploring local lore. Vineyards, galleries and the famed Aquarium. Steps from Cannery Row and Fisherman’s Wharf. Elegant hotel & spa surrounded by scenic wonders. Close to Pebble Beach, Carmel, Big Sur and 17-Mile Drive.

Autumn 2022 Boston

Amidst autumn’s brilliant colors, a celebration of ideas, innovation and friendships in the epicenter of Americana – a mecca of the arts, learning, discovery & invention as well as pub-crawls, shopping, myths & memories.

New Year's 2023 Charleston

“America’s Favorite City to Visit.” Exquisite architecture & gardens. Historic District’s cobble-stoned alleys & holiday accents. Church-bell choruses. Scents of sea marsh & sweetgrass. Sweater-weather carriage rides, golf, tennis, beach walks. Biscuits, shrimp-&-grits, collards & shucked oysters. Timeless elegance of one of the nation’s finest hotels. New Year’s Eve feast, celebration & dancing.