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"I had my thinking challenged and met my most interesting friends at Renaissance Weekend."   

Renaissance Weekend . . .

Transforming ideas and relationships. Incredible mix of preeminent leaders, passionate change-makers and rising stars of all ages. More than a conference: invitation-only, off-the-record. Non-partisan: All participants heard, all opinions welcome. More light than heat.

Extraordinary people inspire … and are inspired.

Arianna H
Scott S
Mark Kelly
M Cohler
Betty Liu
What else do participants say?
"Much more than a conference"
"Rocked my brain, lifted my soul"
"Island of sane discourse for all our country"
"Amazing: People disagree without being disagreeable"
"Enduring, & the most unlikely, relationships forged"
"An incredible mix of preeminent leaders and rising stars"
"The spirit of an ‘extended family’"

Upcoming Weekends

Labor Day 2024 Jackson Hole

Jackson Lake Lodge, established by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. to preserve and access the Grand Tetons' bison, eagles, moose, wildflowers, and elk, only 20 miles from Yellowstone, regularly hosts the world's central bankers' fly-fishing, rafting, riding, hiking & golfing.

New Year's 2025 Charleston

 “America’s Favorite City to Visit.” Exquisite architecture & gardens. Historic District’s cobble-stoned alleys & holiday accents. Church-bell choruses. Scents of sea marsh & sweetgrass. Sweater-weather carriage rides, golf, tennis, beach walks. Biscuits, shrimp-&-grits, collards & shucked oysters. Timeless elegance of one of the nation’s finest hotels. Gala New Year’s Eve feast, live band & dancing into the wee hours.

Presidents' Day 2025 Santa Barbara

Sun-drenched beach & panoramic Pacific views. The American Riviera. Understated elegance, natural beauty, idyllic weather. Ritz-Carlton Bacara's 78-acre Mediterranean village. Santa Ynez mountains backdrop. Pristine bluffs overlooking a 2-mile golden-sands beach. Neighboring wineries memorialized in "Sideways." Not-so-secret Montecito, trails and gardens. Signature golf & tennis, luxurious spa. The glamour of Hollywood's Golden Age.

July 4th 2025 Banff

Snow-capped Rockies, vast forests, rushing rivers & emerald lakes: an Alpine wonderland. Rimrock Resort & Spa’s breathtaking vistas, hiking & riding trails, rafting, canoeing, galleries, tea-houses and golf are one hour’s scenic drive from Calgary and its legendary Stampede rodeo-festival.