Invitation only
Invitation only

For innovative leaders who embody “the Renaissance spirit."


Traditional conferences have their place. Elsewhere.

Engaging conversation
Engaging conversation

All participants are heard; all opinions, welcome.

Family friendly
Family friendly

Every significant other is significant. Kids are welcome, too! 


Passionate change-makers, of all ages.


Public figures.
Private conversations.


Thought-leaders & trend-setters, authorities & rising stars.

Multiple perspectives
Multiple perspectives

More light than heat. Bridges built.

Yes, we’re off-the-record. But...

You'll be hearing from national powerhouses. Exchanging views with tomorrow's disrupters. And having quiet conversations with incredibly well-informed fellow participants.

Through lectures, seminars & discussion groups, everyone participates. You'll craft your own tailor-made personal schedule from plenary sessions and dozens of simultaneous programs throughout each day.

Business & finance. Current events. Government & politics. Science & technology. Medicine. Religion & philosophy.
Non-profits. Philanthropy & social entrepreneurship.
Energy & the environment. Law. Literature & the arts.
Media & entertainment. Travel. Health & fitness.
Family legacies & concerns.


Illustrative Sessions

Bridging America's Political Chasm
Safeguarding Our Planet
Media's Tectonic Shifts
Where Should Your Money Be Now?
Maestros & Their Music
The Tightrope Women Leaders Walk
Re-designing Globalization, Repairing the World
The Next Pandemic
Can Social Media Be Made Safe for Democracy?
Re-thinking How We Think About Religion
Where’s “The Arc of History” Bending?
What Does AI Have In Store for Our Species?
Web3, Crypto, Defi, NFTs & The Metaverse
China's Century?
The Alchemy of Romance
Startlandia — Entrepreneurs’ & VCs’ Round-up

Sample Program


Camp Renaissance

Children ages 3-12 years can immerse themselves in hands-on experiments, indoor and outdoor games, nature walks, musical performances, story-telling, arts-&-crafts projects, and presentations by fascinating adult participants who are major authorities in their fields.