Renaissance Weekend

Renaissance Weekend
Founded in 1981, Renaissance Weekends are non-partisan, retreats created to build bridges amoung innovative leaders from diverse fields.

Upcoming Weekends

  • July 4th 2018, Beaver Creek/Vail
  • Labor Day 2018, Monterey

Celebrating ideas and relationships

Preeminent authorities & emerging leaders; Thought-leaders & trend-setters
Passionate change-makers, of all ages
Inter-generational, invitation-only, off-the-record - More light than heat
Ground-breaking, off-the-record lectures, seminars & discussions

More than a conference:
Laughter, music, adventures & fun
The power of personal stories

Creativity, innovation and tradition honored
Remarkable ventures launched; Impactful initiatives spawned
Enduring, often unlikely, friendships forged

Nobel laureates & Pulitzer Prize-winners, venture capitalists, social entrepeneurs & CEOs,
leading innovators of Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Wall Street & Main Street, astronauts & Olympians, Republicans, Democrats & Independents

Civility prevails; Partisanship is frowned upon; Commercialism, banned
Extraordinary people inspire ... and are inspired


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