Illustrative Topics

Panel, Seminar & Discussion Group Subjects

Disrupt or Die
Combating Terror
Managing Creativity
Alchemy of Romance
What Should Investors Do?
Blockchain, Bitcoin & Beyond
Reinventing America’s Schools
The Erosion of Political Consensus
Advancing Women’s Opportunities
 “Connected,” But More Alone Than Ever
#MeToo – Will the Culture of Silence Change?
Time to Write Traditional Media’s Obituary?
Empowering Your Rockstars & Srewballs
 “Truth Decay” & the Assault on Facts
Will This Be “The China Century”?
Diversity Dividends & Dilemmas
Sleep & Our 24-hour Society
Transforming Healthcare
Designing for Change
The App Generation
How Cities Score
Art & Soul

Aging’s Off-switch
The Art of the Pitch
The Cancer Moonshot
Giving that Transforms
Faith in Unsettling Times
       Rebooting US Foreign Policy       
The Politics in Today’s Sports
Big Data’s Threat to Democracy
Mastering Social Media Platforms
Becoming Whole in a Fractured World
The Health of Justice in Today’s America
Mission Ready – 21st Century Military Issues
Social Entrepreneurs Changing the World
The Sharing Economy & Future of Work
Ravaging Rx -- The US Opioid Crisis
Tough Issues to Find the Middle
First Movers vs. Fast Followers
What I’ve Learned about Love
Is Anybody Really Normal?
Campus Culture Wars
Myths about Mecca
Tangling on Trade

Lecture Titles

What Spies Do
Emotional Agility
The Political Brain
Why Does Evil Exist?
Maestros & Their Music
Keeping Your Brain Young
Are All Calories Created Equal?
Discovering Your Inner Scientist
Humanity’s Future Beyond Earth
Life Lessons Superheroes Teach Us
Truth, Beauty & Goodness Reframed
How to Read Emotions & Detect Lies
Do Nice People Really Have More Fun?
How Might Climate Change Change Us?
What’s Really Happening at Our Borders?
Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs
How Teens’ Use of Media Affects Relationships
My Favorite Course at the School of Hard Knocks
The Legacies of Newton, Leibniz & the Bernoulli’s
Contemporary Times through the Lens of Augustine

Camp Renaissance & Youth Programs

Origami Fun
Masters of Magic
The Comparison Trap
Astronaut Fitness Challenge
History Is Where the Future Begins
Does Wisdom Outweigh Wealth or Fame?
Turning Our High Potential into High Performance
How Mom & Dad Helped &/or Wrecked Our Futures
What Every Dog Should Know about Quantum Physics
How “Grade A” Professionals Can Avoid “F”’s as Parents